Robbert Peter Oostveen

12 07 1947


1966-1973 Leiden University Medical Faculty Medicine

1968 - Medical Statistics World Health Organization

1969 - International Law applied medical issues WHO Leiden University

1984 - Syracuse University Post Graduate

Course business development

1984 - 1986 - Stanford University - Oncology


Work experience:

1969-1973 Royal Dutch Air Force

Reserve officer - while specializing in Military Hospital Surgery

1974-1977 Clinical research Pfizer Rotterdam

Amboise F - Canterbury UK - Brooklyn NY

Organization world wide of medical conferences on specialized strict medical issues

1977-1982 SSL BV Holland - Denver Colorado USA United lubricants

Mfg of Synthetic lubricants and additives for extreme cold circumstances

1980-1984 Partner in Florida Consulting Group consultant investment portfolios in USA - offices in Tampa Fl and Sacramento Ca

ABN AMRO - Nationale Nederlanden

JK financials

1984-1990 Peripheral Systems House Inc San Francisco Ca USA owner and general manager

Computer integrated medical equipment production

Artificial intelligent software development for medical applications

1989-1992 Implementation of donated medical equipment for hospitals in Romania including infrastructure and consultancy on how to maintain and manage according W. European hospitals guidelines

1989-1993  Consultant for Siemens Belgium Brussels - marketing prediction 2000 telecommunication - 1 year

Consultant for Smit International NL - introduction and marketing new sophisticated marine salvaging related products - 2 years

AECL - Ansaldo: liason with Cernavoda for local trauma center - burn prevention and hospital - 4 years

1991- present SC DROSA IMEX SRL Pitesti - Bucharest Romania - majority owner and managing director

info: see description company

2000-present SC CONSULTING EXPERT AG SRL Pitesti - Bucharest Romania - majority owner and managing director

info: see description company


Terapii alternative aplicate în posturologie

The importance of the re-introduction of alternative therapies (Api-fito Therapies, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reflexo-Therapy, Reiki, Therapies based on Atomized Mud Extract, etc.) as support for the improvement of the human body general condition.

Atomized Mud Extract Therapies in Posturology (documentation based upon the experience of 40 years research developed by Mr. Pr. Dr. Stefan Ionescu-Calinesti - the inventor of the Atomized Mud Extract).

Suggestions made with the purpose of establishing a program for the coordination of both allopathic medicine and complementary and integrative medicine in the field of posturology.